Walk with me

Hike among the Giant Redwoods with an experienced guide and go home with a memory that will last a ​lifetime


Trinidad outing

Allow me to accompany you to one of the renowned points on the Northern California Seaboard.

Your tour will provide transportation from Eureka (unless previously arranged) to 
Trinidad and back.

You will be taken on a guided hike up the point to the old Lighthouse setting with breathtaking views where we will rest and enjoy a healthy snack from local merchants.  The second half of your visit will be a walk to a viewpoint where you can watch the Sea Lions bathe or pick up a moonrock if the tides allow.

There are a couple of small gift shops that offer pieces from local artists as well as trinkets to satisfy any pocketbook. We will stop for about 1/2 hour on our way out so you can grab a souvenir.

This trip is closer to 5 hours total time. Please allow an hour either way .... some times you'll just want to spend a little more time taking it all in.

Healthy snack will be provided from local merchants. Catered sack lunch upon request for additional charge.

walk among the giants

"Walk with me among the Elders my friend

Quietly listening to the Wisdom that is offered

Remove your walls and let yourself grow





Your day will begin early at the Seawall in Eureka where your guide will pick you up and transport you along Hwy 101 North or South to areas where the trees have witnessed legend, the ferns are as tall as a human being, Elk may greet you on the trail, and the Ewok like to play.

You will be guided among our Giant Redwoods, plush greenery, and well maintained trails while learning about the flora and fauna. 

During lunch you will hear stories of local legends, and dine on Humboldt flavors while sitting inside a giant tree or on benches carved from fallen giants.

Your day will end with a leisurely ride back to Eureka with a stop along the way at a long stretch of beach so you can cool your feet on the wet sand while listening to the surf roll with it's Northern California beat.

Trekker Package

Hike with a guide a few miles in to a campsite made by woodland craft.

Find c​omfort in having everything provided for your comfort while  exploring the beauty around you and the vastness of stars that will light up the nighttime sky.

Your guide will take you to your site and make sure you are settled in then leave you to your privacy while your necessities have been provided.

Our packages can range from 2 to 7 days.

Please contact us through our contact page so we can discuss your adventure.